St. Marys expands its electric vehicle infrastructure - Grant Haven
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St. Marys expands its electric vehicle infrastructure

St. Marys expands its electric vehicle infrastructure

The Town of St. Marys is expanding its electric vehicle infrastructure.

Last month, three Level 2 electric vehicle charging stations were installed in municipal parking lots – two at the Pyramid Recreation Centre, and one in the Jones St. lot. Each station features two ports, bringing the town’s total to eight ports over three locations, with one post already installed at the train station.

The new charging stations were added as part of the Perth County Electric Pathway, an initiative aimed at improving access to electric-vehicle (EV) chargers across St. Marys, Stratford, and Perth County.

Level 2 chargers are ideal for residents who don’t have a charging station at home, commuters who work in town and day trippers. An average electric vehicle will take four to 10 hours to charge using a Level 2 charger.

“These new chargers offer yet another incentive for people to visit the beautiful Town of St. Marys,” sayid Mayor Al Strathdee in a press release. “They are also a great asset for residents who own an EV and those considering one.”

The Town is currently seeking funding to add a Level 3 fast charger to its network, with a goal of having one in place by 2026. The installation of a single Level 3 charger can cost upwards of $100,000, compared to $7,500 for a Level 2 port.

The cost to use the chargers in St. Marys is $2/hour. Parking spaces that have a charging station are reserved for use by EVs, and only while charging. Those who park a non-electric vehicle in a charging space or park an EV in a charging space without using the charger could receive a fine up to $120.

Questions about the chargers can be directed to the Clerks Department at [email protected].

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