Schaefer’s Ladies Wear makes donation to Goderich Little Pantry - Grant Haven
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Schaefer’s Ladies Wear makes donation to Goderich Little Pantry

Schaefer’s Ladies Wear makes donation to Goderich Little Pantry

Kathleen Smith 

Every third week of September Schaefer’s Ladies Wear in Goderich donates 10 percent of sales to a local charity of choice. 

Anne Ferguson, owner of Schaefer’s decided Goderich Little Pantry would be a good choice this year, being only a year old and trying to grow.

During the week of October 10 patrons to the ladies’ wear store shopped, and proceeds of $2,500 were donated. 

After speaking to Avery Greaves, who spearheaded the Goderich Little Pantry, Ferguson found out that the Little Pantry is working towards being a self-sustaining program. The pantry would be filled by the community to support those in need.

“She is hoping in another year this would happen,” said Ferguson.

The fundraiser was a night to promote shopping local and to support the community. The evening was a shopping event, and mini pantries were at the cash counters, which brought in an extra $350 from customers. 

Ferguson said Schaefer’s also supported Little Pantry by stocking the pantry at the library three days a week during the month of September. 

“We went shopping at the beginning of September and had a large supply of food tucked away in the store,” explained Ferguson.

“Every Monday, Tuesday and Friday we would go to the library pantry and fill it with food, toiletries and snacks.”

In the past, Schaefer’s has donated to Huron Hospice, Tanner Steffler Foundation, and Lucknow Pet Rescue.

Ferguson felt the Little Pantry would benefit from a boost in funding and extra public exposure to get the community more involved.

“This event is so important to me as a business owner and a Goderich resident because we are a small community and I believe in supporting the small community we live in,” said Ferguson.

“The community supports me as a small business, and has for the past 94 years, and I feel it is important to give back whenever I can.”

This is the fourth year Schaefer’s has chosen a charity to support and Ferguson plans on making this a permanent thing. 

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